Our online ordering system isn't ready yet, but we're happy to take your orders by email.

Check out the wines and the prices on our WINES page, and work out what you would like. Minimum order is 6 bottles, and it works best for us if you order in multiples of 6.

For mixed cases (i.e. 12+ bottles) we apply a 10% discount to the bottle prices.

Once you know what you want, then just click here to send us an email detailing the wines you would like to order. Include the full delivery address, and a phone number we can call to get your credit card details

Freight is free to addresses in Melbourne or Sydney. Elsewhere we have reasonable rates by post or courier. We'll work that out when we have your address.

If you are in Sydney and order a straight case of one wine, it will come direct from stock in Sydney and should arrive next day or the day after. Anything else comes from Victoria and can take a few days to get there. Deliveries to Melbourne are usually within a couple of days.

Any queries, email us or phone on 0439 963446.

We look forward to hearing from you!