Goulburn Terrace vineyard is on the banks of the Goulburn River at Nagambie. It was a vineyard and winery in the 1860's, but the vines had long been pulled out when Greta Moon bought the property in 1992 and began replanting.

The land rises from the river edge in a series of terraces (hence the name!) and the soil changes with distance from the river. Nearest the water, where the Chardonnay vines grow, the soil is sandy at the surface with increasing clay at depth. Furthest from the river, the soil contains a lot of ironstone gravel. The Cabernet Sauvignon is here. In between is a block of Marsanne, and another of Shiraz. The total area under vine is 6 ha.

The climate at Nagambie is neither particularly warm nor particularly cool. Being inland of the Great Divide, the summer days are generally clear and sunny, but the large nearby areas of water in the river, lake and billabongs all help moderate the temperature. The climate near these water bodies is sufficiently distinct from the surrounding valley for it to be a special sub-region - 'Nagambie Lakes'.

The vines have been managed organically, using biodynamic practices, since 2005. In 2010 we were certified 'biodynamic in conversion' by NASAA, and we have been fully certified 'biodynamic' since 2012.

The vines are hand pruned to low yields, and hand harvested.